FAIRYTALES - Frog Prince

Image with Schloß Belvedere castle and grounds background.

In this story, our spoilt little princess is by nature, a true frog. Third time lucky, she's caught her man and she intends to keep this one! The notion that a kiss could transform a person from ugly into beautiful is reversed and although the frog man is plainly a frog, the princess's awful tongue says quite a lot about her person. But the moral is, if you make an agreement with someone, you ought to keep your promise. Regardless.


‘Open the door, my prince, my dear,
Open the door to thy true love here!
And mind the words that thou and I said
By the fountain cool in the greenwood shade.’

Single Edition + 1AP: Diasec print on Dibond with aluminium grip, 120 cm x 75 cm

Single Edition + 1AP: Diasec print on Dibond with aluminium grip, 195 cm x 120 cm

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