Supers - Vampirella

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Vampirella is a comic book vampire superheroine from the planet Drakulon, a world where a vampiric race lived on blood which flowed in rivers, but which is now dying. Upon arriving on Earth, Vampirella tried to blend in. She has many of the typical vampiric powers, including superhuman physical abilities, shapeshifting into a bat, immortality and a mesmeric stare. She is not prone to the race's traditional weaknesses, such as daylight, holy water, garlic or crosses. She does not attack people to drink their blood, except occasionally...

Single Edition: Diasec print on alu dibond with aluminium grip + 1AP, 180 cm x 100 cm

Edition of 5: 3/5 Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth + 1 EA, 70 cm x 40 cm

Hair & Makeup by Wolfgang Lindenhofer

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