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The Red Shoes, Hans Christian Andersen, anteater, ballet shoes, Marie Antoinette, Fairytale, monkey, pomegranate, Mumok, Vienna, Austria

FAIRYTALES - The Red Shoes

Image with Mumok background and pet anteater.

The FAIRYTALES series is about forks in the road. Choosing the alternative path, following the "what if?" A documentary portrait series, which uses traditional tales as the basis for a social commentary interpretation.

This conceptual art image is about our incessant materialistic addictions. The pomegranate seeds symbolise power, as we strive to keep acquiring more, yet they are scattered on the ground like wishes we have wasted and Karen is standing in a red pool of them, her wicked feet bleeding her soul away. Just like Karen, we don't take care and we just can't stop.

The shoes represent our "sins", vanity and worldly pleasures. The captivated ant-eater shows all that should never be, the monkey represents our ridicule, always behind us, and Karen's magnificent hat is a nod to Marie Antoinette's disregard for yawning poverty. The tale itself is based upon the idea of eventual redemption after suffering the many consequences of our temptations.

Single Edition + 1AP: Diasec print on Dibond with aluminium grip, 260 cm x 210 cm

Single Edition + 1AP: Diasec print on Dibond with aluminium grip, 150 cm x 120 cm

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