Little Mermaid, fish, feminist, soul, laundromat, Vienna, Austria, Ariel, tinned sardines

FAIRYTALES - Little Mermaid

Image with Urban Loritz Platz laundromat background.

Can't keep this fish in her tin! My Ariel breaks all the cans; with her curves and that tail and only soap bubbles to protect her modesty, she'll have you hook, line and sinker. This femifish wouldn't go lusting after a prince who doesn't see her, giving up everything to live selflessly in excruciating pain every day of her leggy life, only to be turned into useless foam at the end of it all. No thank you! And you're not having her voice either, witch! Eternal human souls be damned!

Single Edition + 1AP: Diasec print on Dibond with aluminium grip,  180 cm x 160 cm