FAIRYTALES - Pinocchio & the Blue Fairy

Image with cemetery background.

This image is about a reversal of fortune. What if the Blue Fairy symbolised death instead of life? If she were interested only in manipulation and control and turned little boys into her puppets on a string instead of the other way round. That way, they would do all that she says and no amount of big noses would ever make them real again. Forever and ever and ever.

I photographed this in the Zentralfriedhof (the Vienna Central Cemetery), one of the largest cemeteries in the world by number of interred, spanning 240 hectares and with its own bus route. First opened for business in 1874 on Halloween, most Catholics rejected cremation, instead preferring a "Schöne Leich" - a beautiful corpse. However, to avoid the horror of premature burial, one could request their corpse have a string attached to their finger, which they could wiggle, ringing a bell above ground. Morbid underground puppets.

Special Edition 1/2 + 1AP: Diasec print on Dibond with aluminium grip, 250 cm x 185 cm

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